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Career Pivot Coaching

Translate your skills for the
perfect career pivot

You can make a pivot at any stage in your career, and TheBridge can help. Allie has a unique vantage point and is able to translate between both the tech and policy audiences. After helping many in TheBridge community talk through how to translate their skills for their career pivot, she is here to help you too.

Not sure if you know the exact “right” time, where to start, or if you have the “right” skills? Often it's not that your previous experience isn't relevant to a new job, it's that you have trouble translating your skills between your old job and your new career. In the worlds of tech, policy, business and politics, many times these skills are vey similar, it’s just the language is different.

Review the options and reach out, we’ll be back with you ASAP!

KICK-START your pivot

Feeling stuck? Here’s what you get:
- 30 minute phone call
- Follow up plan with skills translation review, targeted departments, actions



Ready to start? Here’s what you get:
- In-person meeting
- Follow up plan with skills translation overview, job & company targets
- 30 minute follow-up call


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