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Connecting tech, policy & politics

TheBridge translates between tech, policy and politics and provides a unique forum for productive, nonpartisan dialogue increasing understanding and collaboration between innovators and policy makers.

Launched in Washington, DC & the Bay Area, TheBridge network has quickly expanded to other cities including Austin, Denver, New York City, Boston, and Chicago. TheBridge convenes regular discussions and events and provides key resources for the community including bi-weekly updates, profiles of leaders, and a jobs board to help employers reach top talent and job-seekers make a career pivot at this intersection.

TheBridge community consists of leaders and knowledge-seekers at the intersection of tech, policy, and politics. Our community is wide-ranging across the public and private sectors including federal elected officials, technical experts, investors, corporate CEOs, community organizers, government employees and political rising stars across the country.

We believe mutual understanding will allow for a more collaborative future. Sign up to join!


Allie Brandenburger

Allie Brandenburger is Co-founder & CEO of TheBridge, a startup company building understanding and collaboration between tech, policy, politics. Allie has organically grown the community of leaders, partnered with the leading global technology companies and expanded into cities nationally.

Allie is unique in her ability to “speak the language” of stakeholders in the private and public sectors and across industries and translate between the cultures of politics and tech.

Allie has extensive experience at the highest levels of politics, advocacy and tech. Allie has worked with some of the most innovative tech companies including SpaceX, Uber and Google, and with coalitions of tech companies advocating for emerging tech issues. Allie helped stand up the Retail & Hospitality ISAC in 2014, the first for the industry, and served as an advisor to the ISAC. She has a dynamic background in national and statewide campaigns - having worked on multiple Presidential races, Governors race and issue campaigns. Allie previously served as Communications Director for a US Congressman on Capitol Hill. She is a senior public affairs professional with experience in issue advocacy including inclusion, autonomous vehicles, workforce, cyber security, data privacy, e-commerce, privacy, emerging tech issues.



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