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What can innovators and regulators teach each other?

What innovators and regulators can learn from each other...

We compiled expert opinions on the lessons innovators and regulators can learn from each other from TheBridge Profiles featured while you were in summer mode in August ... (seen in #TheBridgeUpdate on Sept 4, 2018)

Q. What lessons can innovators learn from regulators? 

"Silicon Valley starts with early adopters in mind while government has to think of all its users. Government also does a better job representing the entire diversity of the United States. Silicon Valley could learn from civil servants’ deep understanding of mission-driven, meaningful work. That sense of purpose is harder to find in the technology industry compared to government." 
- Matt Cutts, Acting Administrator at USDS, previously Google (Read more

"DC has experience in considering the impact of action and establishing rules of the road upon which more radical change can occur." 
- Ina Fried, Chief Tech Correspondent at Axios, previously CNET and Recode (Read more)

"How to wear a suit" 
- Chris Massey, Head of Global Government Relations & Policy at Square, previously Zenefits, Lyft, Congress (Read more)

"Regulators often times bring a global perspective that innovators can benefit from. There are many whose voices and concerns are represented by regulators, and innovators who genuinely seek to engage regulators and take heed of those  voices and concerns will often be ahead of the game." 
- Rob Grant, Head of Government Relations at Aurora, previously Lyft (Read more

Q. What lessons can regulators learn from innovators? 

"'Software is eating the world.' It is possible to make a huge difference with little capital and few resources. Sometimes it's helpful not to look backward before you move forward." 
- AJ Shankar, CEO Everlaw (Read more

"Innovators can teach regulators how to be more entrepreneurial and flexible in their approach to public policy issues. Tech does a great job of taking risk and pushing against conventional orthodoxy which regulators could do more of." 
- David London, Head of North America Govt Affairs at ofo, previously eBay (Read more)

"Listen more closely to your ‘users’ (in this case, voters) and adapt to reflect their voices. Pre-baked platforms aren’t optimized to reflect how everyday voters talk about real issues ... It’s not only about getting a message out, but seizing opportunities to better understand and engage with voters." 
- Hillary Lehr, Vice President, Client Success at Hustle, previously Brigade (Read more)

"Always seek out the 'best' way to do something. Don't let routine deter you from identifying an opportunity to improve or innovate around an old construct." 
- Camille Stewart, Manager, Cyber Risk & Emerging Technologies at Deloitte, previously DHS in the Obama Administration (Read more)

The advice was compiled from TheBridge Profiles featured (while you were on vacation) in August and was in #TheBridgeUpdate on Sept 4.