TheBridge profile: Jamira Burley

TheBridge profile: Jamira Burley


Jamira was a 2018 Vital Voices Honoree, being awarded the Leadership in Public Life Award. Jamira has also been recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change and is the Founder of GenYNOT.

Name: Jamira Burley

Current city: New York, NY

Current job: Head of Youth Engagement and Skills, Global Business Coalition for Education

Past job: National Deputy Millennial Vote Director: Hillary For America

Q. Favorite spot for a coffee meeting: Tynan Coffee and Tea.

Q. Describe how a skill you learned in a previous job helped you in your current job. Listening to hear and not to respond. I think it's really important to be present and hear what someone is truly saying without feeling the need to always say something. Most of the time, people just want to be heard.

Q. Job advice in three words? Be authentically you. (Take risks, speak up and lead with your values.)

Q. How are you (or your company, org, nonprofit) currently bridging the gap between politics and tech / innovation and regulation? At the Global Business Coalition for Education, we believe in bringing unlikely communities/industries together to solve very real problems.

Q. What can innovators teach regulators? Creating better systems to streamline processes.

Q. What can regulators teach innovators? The need for diverse representation.

Q: Is there a living person you admire? Malala

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