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TheBridge profile: Talia Goldstein


Name: Talia Goldstein

Current city: Los Angeles

Current job: CEO and Founder Three Day Rule

Past job: Producer, E! Entertainment

Q. Favorite spot for a coffee meeting: The Rose Cafe- Venice, California

Q. Job advice in three words? Find your passion

Q. Most underrated virtue in an employee? First, consistency - it’s so important to work with someone whom you trust, know you can count on, and will pull through every month. Second, humility - I appreciate someone who gets the job done, but doesn't necessarily crave the limelight while doing it.  

Q. Describe one way how a skill you learned in a previous job helped you in your new job.: When I was a TV producer at E! Entertainment, a big part of my job was to make the people I was interviewing feel comfortable right away so I could get them to share their juiciest stories with me. From Sia to Bret Michaels, I had the opportunity to interview all sorts of celebrities, so I quickly learned how to adapt and find genuine ways to connect with different types of personalities. Once I built a trusting relationship with each celebrity, they felt comfortable enough to open up and even get a little vulnerable with me. This skill translates directly to matchmaking because we meet so many different singles every day, each with their own unique story. The key to being a good matchmaker is building genuine connections with others, feeling empathy, and being able to easily connect with people.

Q. How are you (or your company, org, nonprofit) currently bridging the gap between politics and tech?: In today’s political climate, we have noticed that more and more clients (as well as members of our free pool) are telling us how important a potential partner’s political views are to them. In fact, for some singles, seriously dating someone from a different political party is a deal breaker, while others have said they won't even go on a first date with someone who has a different political ideology. 

However, as matchmakers, we try to encourage our clients to be open-minded and not close themselves off from those with different political beliefs than their own. Of course you shouldn’t compromise your values, but the first date isn’t necessarily the best time to be having a political debate. Even if you disagree about politics, there could be areas that you and your date can connect on - perhaps it’s a commitment to family or a passion for career, similar hobbies, etc.

Q. Morning routine? I wake up at 5:45 am, check my email, and immediately delete anything that looks like spam. I need to have a clean inbox to start my day right. My 1-year old wakes up at 6 am and I bring her into bed. Soon after, my 4-year old climbs into bed to join us. This is my favorite part of the day -- when all four of us are relaxing together. From there, the rest of my day is organized chaos. I'm with my kids until 8 am, attempt some form of a quick workout afterwards, and then rush into the office to start my work day. 

Q. Embarrassing work moment? In college, I interned at Ford Models in NY. My boss asked me to send an important package to Milan. I had never heard of that city so I shipped the package to Mulan (it was a popular movie at the time). Needless to say, the package came back.