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TheBridge profile: David London


Name: David London

Current city: Washington, DC

Current job: Vice President of State Policy and Politics at TechNet

Past job: Head of North America Government Affairs for ofo; Head of Americas Government Relations for eBay

Q. Favorite spot for a coffee meeting? Firehook Bakery on Capitol Hill

Q. Describe how a skill you learned in a previous job helped you in your current job. Listening. When I began my career as a legislative staffer, I learned the importance of listening to constituents and their concerns. Listening to others has followed me in the private sector when I interact with employees and policy makers which has helped me make more informed decisions.

Q. Job advice in three words? Always Seek Feedback

Q. How are you (or your company) currently bridging the gap between politics and tech / innovation and regulation? By continuing to educate regulators on the importance of tech and the gig economy. I like to educate on how the innovation economy creates new jobs which is especially important to regulators in our rapidly changing global economy.

Q. What can innovators teach regulators? Innovators can teach regulators how to be more entrepreneurial and flexible in their approach to public policy issues. Tech does a great job of taking risk and pushing against conventional orthodoxy which regulators could do more of.

Q. What can regulators teach innovators? Regulators can teach innovators about government processes and how these processes are done for the best interests of the constituents.

Q. Favorite app? Waze. It has saved me countless hours in traffic time from coast-to-coast.

Q. Which Member of Congress / regulator is most tech savvy? California State Assemblyman Evan Low (he will be in Congress one day). Represents the heart of Silicon Valley and gets tech issues and is a true champion for the industry.

Q. Living person you admire? Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Q. If you had to live in another city, which would it be? New York City. The innovation that has been happening in “Silicon Alley” over the last 10-years has been impressive to watch.

Q. Morning routine? Get up 5-6am, cheerios, ½ cup almond milk, 8 oz of water, multivitamin and fish oil. Head to gym or tai chi. Watch “Morning Joe”, shower, coffee and head to DC around 8am. Listen to classical radio, sports talk or NPR on drive.

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