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TheBridge profile: Jamie Boone


Name: Jamie Boone

Current city: Washington, DC

Current job: Senior Director, Government Affairs at Consumer Technology Association

Past job: Deputy Chief of Staff, Congressman Bill Shuster

Q. Favorite spot for a coffee meeting? Let's go for lunch or cocktails instead!

Q. Describe one way how a skill you learned in a previous job helped you in your new job. I worked on the Hill for 8 years - from a fresh-faced intern at 20 up until I came to CTA three years ago. The Hill is a stressful place, and it can be easy to let the pressure rule your life and affect how you operate. Learning to keep calm under pressure has served me well in my career. Not only does it help me maintain my own sanity, but it's important for the people I manage to see as well. Every crisis will pass, but how you deal with it can have lasting impacts. Maintaining perspective is key in getting through challenging issues gracefully and effectively.

Q. Job advice in three words? Think then act.

Q. How are you (or your company, org, nonprofit) currently bridging the gap between politics and tech? There has been a ton of growth in the tech policy industry - every day more industries are utilizing and impacted by emerging technologies. Self-driving vehicles and drones are disrupting the traditional transportation space, and along with it, transportation policy. Governments have to be able to adapt to innovation. My job is to work with policymakers to ensure regulation and legislation keep up and don't hinder the creation and integration of life-changing technology.

Q. What can innovators teach regulators? Nothing stays the same and lasts. You have to constantly innovate to keep up. Government is inherently slow, and while it can’t keep up with the pace of innovation, regulators should think about how to ensure regulations are flexible enough to allow for that to happen and still be relevant.

Q. What can regulators teach innovators? The importance of engaging early! A lot of startups don’t realize how important it is to know the regulatory landscape for their industry and to have a good working relationship with regulators.

Q. Favorite app? Poshmark, because I can sell my old clothes and buy new ones!

Q. Startup to watch? Framebridge- you can get your photos framed right from your phone. Talk about an industry ripe for disruption! I've probably referred at least 10 people there already. I love it!

Q. Morning routine? I wish I was a morning workout person, but I just can't. I drag myself out of bed and into the shower, get ready, and sit and eat breakfast and drink coffee while catching up on the news and emails. My husband knows not to talk to me for at least an hour after I get up!

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